Refund Policy

We have a comprehensive policy in case a student demands a refund. Read the following terms to ensure your eligibility for a refund.

Eligibility criteria for a refund:

  1. A refund can be considered in case the quality of your assignment is not up to your satisfaction and does not meet all the requirements shared initially, even after 5 revisions.
  2. You are liable to ask for a refund or indemnification in case a deadline is missed or the assignment is delivered to you late or after your submission deadline, deviating from the original agreed-upon commitment.
  3. If you don’t get the grades we mutually agreed on and were guaranteed to you by us then a partial refund may be considered.
  4. It is mandatory to share a detailed, comprehensive & legit feedback report to be eligible for a refund. This report will be analyzed by our dedicated audit team to confirm the eligibility of a refund.

Circumstances that do not qualify for a refund:

  1. If the initial requirements shared by the students are incomplete or not accurate, leading the direction of the final project to unsatisfactory results.
  2. In case the student decides not to use the work provided by our experts.
  3. If the student makes changes by themselves to the work shared by us.
  4. If the student changes their mind after a few hours of placing the order.
  5. In case the student is non-responsive to queries and concerns arise during the project and is not actively participating, resulting in a delay.
  6. In case the feedback includes changes in the initial requirement after the project is complete. The revisions are subjected to editing only that are based on your initial scope.

Note: For additional changes in the requirement, additional costs will be included in your invoice and we will not be responsible for the unsatisfactory results in case the additional payment is not made for the mentioned additional changes.

In case of a refund, 15% of your payment will be deducted in terms of transaction charges.

To ensure a smooth process it is mandatory to approach us on our official email in case of a refund.

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